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Why Us

Why Choose Us

We are committed to helping clients achieve their goals. We continually update a variety of supporting companies’ productivity. We have the following production machines

Sublimation printer

The 3 main machines that we have for production include EPSON F6270, MUTOH RJ 900X, and MUTOH VJ1638. These Sublimation Printers are capable of printing up to 206 m2 / hour (676 sqft/hour). Various types of designs such as CAD, Fine art, Indoor Signage and outdoor Signage can be produced by our machines. The ink quality and results obtained are very good, color density and sharpness are nontoxic, consistent and do not fade. Our printing results are usually used for bicycle jersey, motorcycle jersey, jacket, t-shirt, bag, shoes, doll, pillow, artwork, and other custom products.

Press Machine

We use 2 units of GTS44M. These machines have a maximum width of 1.1 M. With the roll to roll working pattern, these machines are able to minimize the rejection during the paper transfer process. With these two machines, we are able to produce about 50 pcs / hour with 0.4 speeds on the machines. Even though with 0.4 speeds it will not change the quality of the color, the color will stable and remain solid after the press. Various variants of fabrics made from polyesters such as satin, spandex, velvet, chiffon, canvas, corduroy, dry fit, drill, PE shirts and other types of fabric are able to be produced by our machines.

Advanced Sewing Machine

We have hundreds of sewing machine units that are capable to produce large-scale quantities. Starting from the initial sewing machine to the product completion, all equipped with computerized technology. The specialty of this sewing machine is, it is able to provide excellent stitching results. Likewise, with the results of production speed, with the complete equipment, we have the production process is more effective and efficient. In addition, the skills and expertise of our workers in operating these tools strengthen the work process in producing the products desired by the clients.

Quality Control

Quality is always our priority that we take care of in the process of production. In order to always be able to maintain client satisfaction from the Ashta Asiti, the entire set of jobs will always be under strict and selective control. Starting from the introduction of quality standards, listening to clients' desires, measuring the level of quality through data collection and analysis of the processes until to the stage of evaluating the level of quality that has been achieved will always be under strict and selective control by the company.